Karhide 2 long

Karhide Colossus EP

Ironic and seductive … dark and densely packed … with icy key notes pleading to escape from vacuous emptiness or huge monster sounds crashing through sensitive landscapes – this has got the lot – meaninful, creative and enjoyable


Jean-Dominique Your Star

‘Your Star’ is a brightly burnished number with some silky smooth vocals set amidst bristling lyrical content … it is is shiny and golden, radiant with bands of shimmering keys rain-bowing through it … but it’s the ultra-smooth voice that draws you into the folds …

Bush Long

The Top Five Kate Bush Singles

In 1978 we first heard an album full of magical moments, uneasy incestuous nuances and deeply disturbing – almost nightmarish – musical wanderings. It was brought to us by a slip of a girl. A worryingly controlling dark-haired banshee. Her name was Kate Bush. These are her five best singles …

talk in colour long

Talk In Colour – The Cell

The pitch and timbre disperses to reveal a jazzy & studious nature. The vocal spills out like molasses from a tipped treacle tin, oozing into the cavities of the tune … This is intricate, delicate and charming…

Marching band long

Marching Band Die In My Arms

Stunning reticulated vocals seem to loop around the filaments of the song – each strand of sound standing bold against the patinations of banjo, lightly bobbing & cupric guitars and rattlesome bobbinet rhythms …


Interview with The Franklys

“For us, the live performance is key, we always bring so much energy to the stage and want the audience to feel this too. An unadulterated sound has a little more honesty…” Check the Interview with The Franklys here …