About Raw Ramp Music Mag

A connoisseurs guide to ravishing new music

We are based in the United Kingdom (West London)

We create a monthly music magazine – and also the accompanying on-line blogs.

We specialize in bringing fresh, bright stories and well written, interesting articles and reviews to the attention of dedicated music enthusiasts world-wide. We focus on new musical artists from across a wide range of popular musical genres.

·  We explore how things are done
·  We ask artists what inspires them to create
·  We explore what helps them to succeed
·  We ask them how they plan to get where they want to be
·  We take a look at what help they may need to achieve success

Check a recent digital issue of our mag here: http://issuu.com/rawramp/docs/raw_ramp_mag_mar_21_qi/1

Obtain a  print copy of our mag here:

Send news items here:
editor at rawramp dot com




Want to be a music journalist?

Do you love new music? Are you excited enough about new music to put down your passion into words? Do you think that you have what it takes to be a music journalist?

If you are thinking of starting out in Music Journalism why not join our team to kick-start your career?

At the moment we are looking for four new Reporters for our team.

The role is all about effort. You will need to guarantee that you can work to deadlines and that you can deliver a minimum of one written piece each month.

Our reporters promise to deliver a full album review,or a review of a live concert, or an interview, every month.

As you build up your profile and confidence, and you contribute more work, we will be able to compensate you for your time and your efforts.

But –  straight away – there are tons of benefits.

Here are a few enticing reasons why you might want to join our team:

All our reporters are equipped with the following tools:

· A Brand New Digital Voice Recorder for you to keep
· A Brand New digital camcorder for you to keep
· A Reporter Bagbase for you to keep
· A Raw Ramp T Shirt for you to keep

Send the editor of Raw Ramp an email now:

·  Include your name and date of birth
·  Tell us a little about yourself
·  Explain how you can contribute to the success of our magazine

Note: This role is only being offered to residents of the UK. You must be over 18 years of age to apply.
NOTE: If you do not think you can commit to writing one piece per month, but you still want to contribute to Raw Ramp on an ad hoc basis – and you have got what it takes – we would still like to have you on board. We are not able to offer the introductory package, unfortunately, but there’s no reason why you should not enjoy some of the other benefits of working with the team at Raw Ramp:

·  Gigs
·  Festival tickets
·  Private Parties
·  Access to music before the public gets hold of it
·  Free merchandise
·  Business Cards
·  Dedicated e-mail address

Send us an email.  And let us know if you are willing to help out on an ad hoc basis.


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