Underground Railway – New Single Release – “8 Millimetres”

Underground Railroad

New Single Release

“8 Millimetres”

Hollow, haunting moonlit vocals are offered up by Marion in a dark and damp cellar of her own making – whilst her festering mossy guitars swoon and droop over slow handed bass from JB, and even drowsier drums from Raphael, without so much as a will in the world. The Southern vibes tease at your forehead- like a pesky mosquito buzzing around a belladonna canopy.  “4-5-6” the chorus says as it lazily shuffles along, building up more and more moss on its way- growing bulbous and sweaty as it nears inescapably towards the enthralling finish line. But eventually, drip-drip, the putrid trail comes to a dankly fusty end  — © Neil_Mach October 2011

If it the song feels a tad dystopian and you start to feel queasy by the isolation and despair that the song evokes, it is no suprise… it was inspired by a visit to the bar of the same name in Berlin’s hip Prenzlauer Berg district, visited during a break from the recording of the White Night Stand – Album .  Inside, Marion recollects, ‘there’s always a subtitled 60’s art movie on with no sound – the only source of light!’ Hence ‘the really strange atmosphere down there’ that caught her imagination, giving the words their disassociated millennial feel, and the song its uneasy descending blues.

Tour – Catch the Underground Railway at the following stations near you:

19 Oct King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

25 Oct Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham

26 Oct The Oporto, Leeds

27 Oct Trof Fallowfield, Manchester

28 Oct The Croft, Bristol

29 Oct The Oakford Social, Reading





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