Mallory Knox Release ‘Pilot Acoustic’ EP

On Friday the 13th July Mallory Knox will be releasing the ‘Pilot Acoustic’ EP, featuring brand new and never before heard versions of ‘Resuscitate,’ ‘Keeping Secrets,’ and ‘Oceans.’

In May 2012 Mallory Knox played and recorded 3 songs live from their debut release ‘Pilot’ at Hidden Track Studios in Kent with Oz Craggs of ‘Feed The Rhino’.

The band explained their reasoning behind the new acoustic release; “It’s always been something that we’ve been interested in, most of our songs are written acoustically and that was why we chose to record these acoustic tracks as a live session. It almost felt like we were writing these songs all over again!”

After a triumphant debut performance at this year’s Download Festival the Cambridge quintet will continue their run of festivals with the next appearance at this years Redfest – Robins Cook Farm , Redhill, Surrey- on Friday 20th July 6.00pm

We took a listen to the ‘Resuscitate’ and ‘Oceans’ tracks and here’s what we thought:


This is like a buzz of swarming stars creating merry hell in a tinder-box of sizzling fire. A belting and melodic chorus shimmers before the wailing groans and then suddenly dips as cold-grated tension is created by the increasingly rattled rhythms. Grinding guitars scour your emotions before the sweetness of the ‘Start Breathing… ’ chant ripples and bubbles out onto the surface, like a molten lava spring spewing from a hellish seephole – creating majestic but deadly waves of power. Incredible to behold.


Surging and incredibly astute lung-power – the vocals (all band members sing) are operatic in breadth and gigantic in scale. They will envelope you completely. Pin-pricks of the finest guitars create a fine surface tension for the majestic lines of power to rest-a-while upon.

— © Neil_Mach July 2012 —


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