The Machine Room – Sweden

Stargazing Scottish newcomers The Machine Room are to release their single ‘Sweden’ on 13th May as part of Label Fandango’s ‘12 singles in 12 months’ anniversary series.

The Machine Room consists of five mildly electro-fied dreamers from Edinburgh: Adie Emanuel, Cecilia Stamp, John Bryden, Ryan Marinello and Scott Hitchings  –  who exist in their own swirling world of heavyweight rhythms and featherweight melodies.

Just over a year ago they released their ‘Love From A Distance’ EP, which saw the quintet correctly described as “enthralling” and “epic-sounding”. Continuing the E-treat theme the follow-up is ‘Sweden’.

machine room small

We had an early listen to ‘Sweden’ and here’s what we thought:

After a shimmering start, a friendly aerophonic beat takes hold. And as wispy mists rise, the glistening vocals shine up to whoop you in the face.

Captivating and regal, the lead vocal fipples around the synthy sounds – and these are speed spannered out against a flamboyant array of angelic chords.

As the song peters, you will want to listen to it all over again. A sizzling skirlie  of tangy fats and lacticly moist sourdough  accompaniments. A treasure.

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –


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