Marching Band Die In My Arms

Indie-pop duo Marching Band today released the official music video for their single “Die In My Arms” which premiered yesterday on Diffuser.FM

“Die In My Arms” is off of Marching Band’s newest album, So Much Imagine, out now. So Much Imagine marks a return to the band’s DIY roots while maintaining their trademark sound of intricate melodies and complex arrangements with an effortless, undeniable pop feeling.

Marching bandThe 21-track, self-produced project from Linköping’s Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring has a lighter and rawer approach than their previous releases, showcasing their maturity since their wildly popular 2008 debut Spark Large.

We had a listen:

Die In My Arms is an intricately woven piece – with stunning reticulated vocals that seem to loop around the filaments of the song – each strand of sound standing bold against the patinations of banjo, lightly bobbing & cupric guitars and rattlesome, bobbinet rhythms …

@neilmach © 2014




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