Catfish and The Van Man

This outrageously British video will cause a shy smile to escape from your Monday morning face.

British rockers Catfish and Bottlemen are set to release their highly anticipated album this year. The fifth single from the album is titled “Fallout” – and the guys have released a hilarious video in support of it.

In a highly suburbanite setting a “White Van Man” takes two stumped apprentices on an everyday journey around a less-than-picturesque residential neighbourhood.

But if you look carefully you will see that behind all those familiar metropolitan scenes – lurk some dancing eccentrics.

It makes you think …. even in the midst of our tarnished facades – and our sad, hum-drum lives … we can find the amazing and the wonderful.

By the end of the song, even the grumpy old so-and-so who drives the van, takes to the street, dancing his heart out.

Maybe Britain is a place of magic and mystery, after all…

The guitars from Billy gurgle and babble through the entire piece. While the voice of Van sails and dives.

The tight rhythm from Bob and Benji exploit all the flavours.

This is a clean, cool and efficient.

@neilmach © 2014


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