New Kodiak Jack Charity Single for Simon Andrews Fund is Already in Top 10 on iTunes Rock — Have You Supported it Yet?

The new Kodiak Jack charity single ‘My Condition’ was released yesterday and has already gone Top Ten on the iTunes Rock Chart (currently Number 9 was as high as Number 3 yesterday!) and is in the Top 5 Hot New Releases on Amazon [My Condition].

The track has been issued to raise funds for the Simon Andrews Fund after the band were approached by Ean Proctor, a photographer who works closely with the Isle Of Man TT event and a friend of Simon Andrews, the rider who was tragically killed in a crash on the 19th May, 2014.

Simon Andrews played a huge part in the BSB Championship and most recently on the road racing circuits such at the North West and Isle of Man TT along with the World Endurance Championship. He’ll be sadly missed.

The Portsmouth (UK) based rockers (who recently recorded their new album “Alhambra” in Sacramento, California with rock legend Brian Wheat)— are confirmed for this year’s Isle of Wight.

Kodiak Jack rectWe listened to My Condition:

This beautiful song contains a basketwork of twisting guitar strings, gloriously collected

The vocal earns an opalescent lustre of gold as the emotion rises gently ( but modestly) — and with a greater inner strength.

All the profits raised from ‘My Condition’ will go directly to the Simon Andrews Fund.

The fund helps to raise much needed money towards supporting injured riders.

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