Jill is back! New Album — Woman — by MISS JILL SCOTT — Songs that will Cause Your Insides to Glow

Miss Jill Scott is a singer, model and actress born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Scott is a soprano, often drawing on her high vocal register. Her voice is often-times infused with the heat of jazz, the theatre of opera, the grits of R & B, and the swift wordiness of hip hop… It has a distinct style that could be classified as neo soul.

Woman - Jill Scott
Woman – Jill Scott

We have been listening to her fifth studio album ( her first since 2011) :

Starting off with “Wild Cookie” (a song written by Scott togther with producer Warryn Campbell) this has a trotting pace.

Words shimmy out smooth and fast. So many ideas …  And this intro brings us neatly to the vivid and loquacious “Prepared” whose regular beat and jaggedy shots of rhythm reminded us of “Bennie and the Jets.

Of course, here we get swishy vocals that gently flutter as they droop sultrily around corners. The guitar-work shines and the song is peppered with clever wordplay.

Run Run Run” is fast and clappy. This song will be admired by the young, especially enthusiasts of Meghan Trainor (it has that same bubble-gum doo-woppiness of “Lips Are Movin”) yet it will also appeal to those older jukebox-era Wall of Sound aficionados out there. This song has burpy horns and power-stretches in each-and-every limber note.

You Don’t Know” (by Jerry Ragovoy) was released as a single back in March. It’s dark-purple in hue. With words that will pull the feelings right outta your heart. This is soul for adults who know how to deal with a climactic finish.

She "soothes frayed edges..."
She “soothes frayed edges…”

Closure” is scrappy fun. The number contains a sample from Curtis Mayfield’s “Get Down”.

Here and there the voice grins, chirrups and soars. It’s about saying say goodbye to a villain-bum who has been eating y’all out of house-and-home.  It’s a somersaulting fun-park of a clap-along song, culminating in squirting cessation. “Does the closure start today?” We all must ask…

The beautifully undulating “Jahraymecofasola” soothes frayed edges, and reminds the listener that Miss Jill Scott can be lascivious and charming. This runs smoothly. It is silver laced jazz with meanings so true… This song will cause your insides to glow!

Beauty and wonder from a supreme soul singer.

We have missed you, Miss Jill Scott…   

And, my-oh-my, look how you have grown!

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/missjillscott/


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