Our Top Picks for SXSW 2016

The SXSW Music Festival is one of the largest and most influential global music events of the year, taking place every March in Austin, Texas – the Live Music Capital of the World.

The dates for the 2016 SXSW Music Festival are March 15-20.

Take a look at our TOP PICKS:


Hunny - a blend of 1980s post-punk and undying love of Prince...
Hunny – a blend of 1980s post-punk and undying love of Prince…

The Southern California six-piece HUNNY was clubbed into shape in early ’14 by a group of long-haired long-time friends and musicians.

Hunny’s magnetic sound is drawn from a blend of 1980s post-punk and undying love for Prince.

HUNNY worked with producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Trash Talk) on their debut EP which features the single Cry for Me that acquired more than 200,000 plays in it’s first 2 months of play on Soundcloud… no mean feat!

The band also gained vital support from KROQ and after presenting a sold out LA residency in 2015 — HUNNY wrapped the year with a national tour alongside THE NEIGHBOURHOOD — playing shows across North America.

HUNNY is Jason Yarger, Jake Goldstein, Jacob Munk, Gregory Horne, Kevin Grimmett, and Joey Anderson.




Atomic Stooges - heavy beats and sexy groove...
Atomic Stooges – heavy beats and sexy groove…

ATOMIC STOOGES is a trio based in Osaka, Japan.

Formed in 2013 their first demo CD caught the eye of an American Indie cassette label and the first cassettes were released outside of Japan.

Due to the individuality of the effortless connection overseas, Atomic Stooges soon became a hot topic among people with sharp hearing.

In 2015 — chosen from over 1000 bands — they performed at “ROOKIE A GO-GO” the “rookie” category of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL which is one of the most prestigious music festivals in Japan and considered a gateway to success.

With their heady combinations of heavy beats and sexy groove, The Atomic Stooges have earned their reputation as the “Real Deal” both nationally and internationally.



The Sherlocks - clear hearted and optimistic...
The Sherlocks – clear hearted and optimistic…

THE SHERLOCKS were recently hand-selected by The Libertines to support their arena tour.

The band consists of two sets of brothers: Kiaran Crook (on lead vocals, with guitar) Brandon Crook (on drums) Josh Davidson (on guitar) and Andy Davidson (on bass.)

Last Night ( the single due out in time for SXSW) — has a tumble of drums to start things off , then a licorice guitar that bends and crooks its back — like a teenage groover on the dance floor.

The melody is not sophisticated, but wonderfully clear hearted and optimistic. The voice is relaxing and we especially love the long coo-coo dove notes. And running right through all this is a spark of guitar-work moved by the joy of rhythm. It reminds us of the tinkling frankness of The Housemartins crossed with the grin and attitude of The Enemy.



September Girls - depth and polish....
September Girls – depth and polish….

SEPTEMBER GIRLS play compacted noise stratified with reverb and razor edged guitars, thundering drums, whirling organs and grotesquely bitter-sweet vocal harmonies.

Their 2014 debut album Cursing the Sea acquired far-flung reportage with The Sunday Times declaring it to be  “A debut album that succeeds not only because of the colouring and song-writing, but because of the utter confidence in their method…”

In November 2014, the September Girls released a 4 track EP titled Veneer. Whilst still retaining their signature drenched feedback, the tracks on the EP  possessed greater depth and polish.



Axel Flóvent - songs grow organically...
Axel Flóvent – songs grow organically…

Iceland Indie-Folk musician AXEL FLÓVENT has a voice that is uneven, velvety and beautifully articulated.

The vocal folds and waffles through some heavenly harmonies.

These often grow in stature towards climaxes that are oscillatory and flowering. Axel’s songs grow organically, from the nucleus of each song…

To sparkle along brushed-edges, like gold dust and diamonds found on lonely strand-lines…




The Dumplings - spellbinding vocals...
The Dumplings – spellbinding vocals…

A concoction of deep bass biffs, rascally synths and spellbinding vocals, that’s THE DUMPLINGS who are already expanding their groove across the world.

Winners of the most important award in the Polish music industry, Justyna Święs and Kubi Karaś from Zabrze create temperamental modern electronica for world-audiences.





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