Norway Folk Singer UNNVEIG AAS Presents New Song — BRIGHT LIGHTS

UNNVEIG AAS has quickly become known as the little woman with the calmly sorrowful voice, despite possessing a name that seems to suggest wilting and braying.

Love - Single - Unnveig Aas
Also check her 2015 Single titled ‘Love’ – Unnveig Aas

Within a few years she has touched audiences in clubs, venues and festivals all over Norway, played support for Judy Collins, John Fullbright and Daniel Romano, and additionally performed for a sold-out festival tent in Bremen. Now comes the new material.

We have been listening to BRIGHT LIGHTS

The box-top beat motivates the voice to come alive. Dreaming and becoming.

The bass guitar bounces in early, and this adds an attractive twang

The voice is obviously purer and softer than can be imagined — though sometimes thin as parchment.

It alludes to the kind of loss and desire that we can only imagine.

Cruel as a buzzsaw wrapped in velvet — this is filled with vague nostalgia.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©



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