CHRONICLES Announce Release of New EP — The Measure

Hailing from the East Midlands UK, the six man assault-team CHRONICLES are a metal band whose appetite for discriminating perceptions and wide experiences  have resulted in them coming up with their own very special sound which they call ‘Street mafia geek metal’.

This is a sound which demonstrates refinement yet the messages will almost certainly be unified by brutal riffs, anthemic choruses and tremendous foot-stomping break downs paired with fiery solos.

The band’s proficient lyrical content demonstrates their passion for subject matters that range from favourite Comic Book Heroes , Super Villains, Cult classic films to TV series and video games.

 Bane Holland - Image: © Neil Mach
Bane Holland – Image: © Neil Mach

The Chronicles line up consists of Bane Holland on vocals [A Thousand Enemies] with Leigh Dickens on vocals, Leighton Mead (Bass), Thomas Larcombe (Guitar), Drew Cargill (Guitar), Paul Gore (Drums).

Bane Holland says this “As far as EPs go, we feel this is our strongest material yet. We used three ‘different’ tracks to show the diversity we have as a band and to help listeners understand more of what we are about. We don’t want to be pigeon holed into one genre. We play how we like and we like how we play!

When we checked the opening track from the EP, titled  “Day-Vs-Knight” we found a spiky edged, raw and vengeful affair.

The guitars spattered, the precision drums rattled and the vocals, though tense, were perfectly enunciated and fully harmonic…

When they added the fiery guitar-work …  we had top admit we wqere presented with a rollicking skylark of savage intent. Superb !







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