RIÉ — Levels

Japanese art-school graduate RIÉ will release her “Levels” EP on November 3rd following closely her debut “Business Trips” EP released in June.

RIÉ – dramatic vanilla soprano with melodramatic butternut  lows…

The first single “Levels” responds to the seriousness and emotionality that drives our lives along with Rié identifying with the amount of time and effort, as well as the patience, which is necessary for us to follow our dreams.

This thought is echoed in Rié’s own relocation to the UK, performed with the ambition of extending her career in music outside of Japan and the video shows the winner of the London Marathon women’s wheelchair event, Sarah Piercy.

Rié, born in Tokyo, graduated from Central St Martins with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts before signing with Sony Japan at age 19. She continues to work as an artist, and is very involved in creating the artwork & videos which accompany her music.

Levels” contains decorous folding notes and dramatic vanilla soprano with melodramatic butternut  lows. The song bewitches the soul immediately…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/rieriemusic/

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