SEEP AWAY — Matchstick Man

The Yorkshire, UK hardcore doom-punk four-piece SEEP AWAY have released their single “Matchstick Man” for streaming.

The new single is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP “The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude” due this Autumn.

Jay Sillence, SEEP AWAY, “The song is quite personal…”

Taking shape and determination from thrash legends Municipal Waste, alongside hardcore stalwarts such as Expire and Incendiary, this track is a blistering knife thrust to all those individuals who drain the life-force from those around them.

Vocalist Jay Sillence says, “The song is quite personal to me — we all know that special type of assh*le who sucks the life out of people with their actions —

They just want to fight, and fuc*, and they have nothing else in their life of any value — so they have to take from others. This song is a dedication to that special person in my life, and I hope other people can relate to the venom that I feel…


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