Brighton’s singer-songwriter – whose voice has been compared to Brett Anderson (Suede) – released his first single ‘You Could Have It All’ in 2012.

When RAW RAMP reviewed his second single, ‘The Occupant’ [November 2013] we reported that it was “Magnificent [with] a new sense of melodramatic grandeur…

Having toured with fellow Brightonian PASSENGER, Brit Chris Simmons has played tons of British festivals, including Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight Festival, and has opened for the Australian Matt Corby, as well as having performed house concerts all across Europe.

Gold Dust “enlivens the heart and heals the many wounds of life..”

But the last years have been difficult. He lost his beloved brother four years ago, and writing, therefore, became a challenge — performing more so.

Realizing the need to take time to deal with the pain, Chris took a break.

But during a trip to India in 2015 he found the words came easily again: “I started writing [..] Loads actually. I decided to hold off performing and just totally absorb myself in writing and recording.

The result is a record: “I have created what I think is my best ever material.

This new work has attracted co-writes with Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr and Chris Difford.

We listened to Gold Dust, released this week

This intricately woven number has acoustic beats that fall like willow leaves into cold, yet fragrant, waters.

Chris’s voice is rustic — hinting of aromatic tangerine-peel and golden apple. The voice glimmers against sighing, gliding backgrounds.

This simple yet elegantly poetic song enlivens the heart and heals the many wounds of life.



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