Las-Vegas, Nevada, four piece hard rock outfit OTHERWISE have announced their new studio album, titled “Defy” and produced by Matt Good (Asking Alexandria).

Defy is due November 8th via Mascot Records. The band  (formed in 2003) is known for its revolving door recruitment policy that has already seen ten musicians entering and leaving. It’s now in its sixth genesis: “Things have to change […] so we can grow and move on...” say the band.

Otherwise Defy Album
Otherwise – energy-bomb riffs filled with boosting power…

Avoiding previous attempts to deliver post-hardcore compositions, Finch-type nuggets of anguish, or prog-punk numbers of indeterminate value, the band have now, with the new label, determined to bring sounds that will soar into mainstream territory and are bound to please amphitheater audiences around the world.

The official lyric video for “Lifted” is already out (see below) and it’s a gritty, word-punchy, yell for liberty and intent. “You can’t judge me...” implores Adrian Patrick (lead vocals) before a stunning chorus that will surely fill any stadium with a roar. This has deliberate rhythms and is full of inventive resonance. If you can imagine the Stone Temple Pilots ripping-up and booming out an Imagine Dragons number you’d be close to describing the soundscape that’s offered here. This is exhilarative and compelling.

The album begins with the hazy lyricism and emotional translucency of “Bad Trip” with a basket-full of Eastern flavors and energy-bomb riffs filled with lasting boost-power. The voice is a carbonated effervescence of accelerated emotions and ultra-fast thinking, while the guitars have the heavy-duty capacity of a full-fender, class-eight, lumbering down the transcontinental highway.

Downwards spiraling “Money” has smoky synth sounds and a cabaret atmosphere. That’s not to say it’s not heavy and rock-filled… in fact it’s a passionate hymn to the struggles of ordinary people.

Crossfire” is the opposite of support and affirmation. It’s a song that’s firm in its fervent capitulation… since words, guitars, percussion and everything is eventually dragged into the mire of disorder and mental confusion. As they advise : “Keep your hopes high and your head down low…” And that seems to make a lot of sense in this alarmingly volatile world.

The songs on “Defy” come as energy elevators that are penned to bring salvation. They will also bring recognition & acceptance to every audience member. The numbers on this album demonstrate the band’s undiluted creativity and a passion for trying to do things right in a world that’s becoming more disorienting and unpleasant by the hour…

Highly recommended, File alongside: Pop Evil and Wake Up Call era Theory.

Words: @neilmach 2019 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/otherwiseofficial/

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