OLLIE TREVERS — Stage Of Fools

OLLIE TREVERS will be releasing his “Cordelia” E.P. on on Nov 15th and if you’re a fan of Jeff Buckley this might be what you’ve been waiting for…

The London based singer/songwriter has released one of the tracks from the E.P. titled “Stage Of Fools” (video shared below) that’s a strategic piece of writing designed to analyze the depressive mind.

A veteran of the band circuit, Ollie released his first solo E.P. titled “Saucy Naughty Rubbish” in 2018. Here, Ollie explored a powerful and energetic mix of post-punk and classic rock.

Ollie’s vocal is a creature of light…

His musical direction has become clearer with Cordelia although he still claims he’s “a musician without a genre.”

We listened to “Stage Of Fools” —

The superbly choreographed video feels moldy-moody-cold — perhaps with a stream of air that whistles through its open veins — however, that’s the right atmosphere for a song that pivots on the gloomy thoughts that interrupt our day-to-day… it is full of brilliant mechanical resonance.

Although the guitar-play seems distant, it never gets in the way. The chorale, meanwhile, is a truly majestic. Ollie’s vocal is a creature of light, and helps lift the mood away from sad contemplation and into a territory that brings of wonder and grand aesthetics.

What a voice, what a heart… what bedizened enlightenment!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ollietreversmusic/

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