Jessica Lynn — Run To

Jessica Lynn

The New York born country music ‘n’ crossover singer/songwriter and guitarist JESSICA LYNN has shared a lyric video for her power ballad single, ‘Run To’, released via Daydreamer Records.

Run To’ is Jessica’s first single release of the year. Released last Friday, it has already become a Top 10 single in Italy & Austria, a Top 100 in the UK, and is gathering praise worldwide.

Run To : brings out the best in Jessica’s rosewood and aventurine voice… Scott Vincent Photo

This waltzing hymn about emptiness is expertly performed, and of course, brilliantly produced.

It brings out the best in Jessica’s rosewood and aventurine voice. Her circumspect words are accompanied by vacant country roads on the video (shared below) so it brings a feeling of deprivation that (perhaps) we all feel .

And is this song a thing of beauty? Yes, of course. But there is also something deeper here: the song finds brilliance in the oversorrow of bypast love and finds grandeur in love’s greater sacrifice. Deep? Yeah, you betcha!

Influential and heart warming/ heart breaking.

Photo Credit: Scott Vincent
Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaLynnMusicPage/