Mi Amor


Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer and recording artist NOVA MILLER who identifies with 1960’s pop stars and whose swishy “Do It To Myself” (2019) we described as: “fluent, low-mellow [sweet] to brighten any damp day…” is now delivering a keenly felt post-breakup song, titled “Mi Amor” (shared below)

Nova Miller
Noval Miller – skywriting-high vocals

Mi Amor is about evolving past an ex and loving the attention of knowing they still want you...” says Nova.

You are lying if you say that you don’t feel good! Success and self-growth is the best revenge, it’s just a winning feeling knowing your former flame is kicking themself with regret – it’s the ultimate look at me now song!”

The song has peaky, skywriting-high vocals, with a softly tufted underbeat and lavalava synths. The chorus is surprisingly chipper, especially given the ruminative nature of the lyric.

This is a summery comeuppance-anthem for all those who feel that vindication is better than grudge-raking.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/novamiller/


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