Cambridge Rocks

World famous for its live Blues, Classic Rock and Prog Rock acts – the Cambridge Rock Festival is one of our favourite events – and always one of the high-points of our calendar…. This year the wonderful Snakecharmer headline … along with LEON HENDRIX, WISHBONE ASH and LARRY MILLER

When M+A Emerge

A series of hypnic jerks, and associated tinkering shots, form the military quick-step parts of this piece… The voices mutter – almost like a series of bellow-woofs, groans and grunts… And a low elastic bass coils itself out from the worm-hole of dizzy sounds – like a dying snake – this is snazzy and crunchy

Time to Topple the Golden Calf

The pernicious creep of the rich, powerful and influential – back into the world of rock – should be avoided … it is unhealthy for the music – true talent may be stymied … it is time for the old to surrender their sovereignty … Or time for us to concede that the veterans have lost their legitimacy as arbiters of fashion, as leaders of revolution & as creators of change….

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