MY RUIN – Tennessee Elegy Video

Los Angeles based underground metal veterans My Ruin featuring vocalist Tairrie B Murphy and guitarist / husband Mick Murphy have released their new video (see below) for the song ‘Tennessee Elegy’ which is the opening track on My Ruin’s upcoming seventh album and magnum opus ‘A Southern Revelation’ set to hit the internet December 7th as a free download digital only release middle finger to their ex- label and gift to fans just in time for Christmas exclusively via

The new video, which features Luciano Ferrea on bass and new drummer Isaac Lee [who is the latest addition to the Mi Ruina familia] was co directed by Tairrie B along with former [Manhole, Tura Satana & My Ruin] drummer Marcelo Palomino of MFP Film Productions and Tor Burrows of Notorious Design. Marcelo also filmed the video and handled all the camera work while the editing and special effects were done by Tor Burrows who created My Ruin’s previous two videos-  ‘Long Dark Night’ and ‘Excommunicated’ from their 2010 album ‘Ghosts and Good Stories’.

“We pride ourselves on being a DIY band and have no label supporting us so we really had no budget for this video. It was truly a labor of rock love and faith in friendships that helped to create ‘Tennessee Elegy’ and there was a lot of team work behind the scenes” says Tairrie B.

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