About Raw Ramp Music Mag


The biggest names in classic rock, vintage blues and noble soul
We know that you all love those sounds!
But with new sounds specially collected and curated each day…
We also know that you’re gonna be keen on RAW RAMP…
In fact, this will be your favourite stop-over for the BEST IN MUSIC…
So come on and join us…
Excite Your Ears
Bookmark and Save RAW RAMP today…
And don’t forget to spread the word!



Send news items here:
editor at rawramp dot com










Do you love new music? Are you excited enough about music to put across your passion in words?

We would love it if you could spend a few hours each month writing for us… Would you like to contribute to the success of our Music Mag?

If so, send the editor of Raw Ramp an email now:

·  Include your name and your date of birth
·  Tell us a little about yourself
·  Explain how you might contribute to the success RAW RAMP


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