CAINE — We Are What We Are

CAINE the rock/metal  band from London, England with James Brown (vox) Dan ‘Rev’ M Hicks (guitar) Jonny Burraway (drums) and Josh Bates (bass) have unleashed their second single: “We Are What We Are” (check the quarantine music video below)

Caine – a furious outpouring of consolidating dark grooves…

It’s a furious outpouring of consolidating dark grooves, an exacerbation of cracking rhythms and comes with some surefooted and expeditious wordplay.

It’s about kinda facing a brick wall that blocks your progress in life and not knowing whether to turn yourself around — to find another route — or to blast your way through the obstacles… This song gives us the strength to blast through life’s challenges and get the job done.

Conceptually, the piece reminds us of the shadowy speed of Tremonti’s output — perhaps overdraped by the jagged outrage that we often witnessed in the work of those much-admired metalcore experimentalists SHVPES.

So, come on now all of ya — let’s fight those dragons!


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