Beau Bowen Little Tree

Adventures in Guitar & Voice — BEAU BOWEN

The expert musical nostalgist and dandy reconstructionist of 1970s style — the beauty and grace maestro BEAU BOWEN has teamed-up with the “Singing Wanderer” aka arranger, orchestrator, multi-genre composer, singer and theremin virtuosa: MONTGOMERY SADLER to release some new sounds.

The theremin virtuosa Monty Sadler

You may recall that we described Bowen’s inaugural album, titled “The Great Anticlimax” (delivered on 10th April 2020) as “irresistible retroromanticism…” and compared the multi-instrumentalist to Bowie, Bolan and Barrett.

somewhat lovecraftian and almost metaphysically tentacled...

The new single “Little Tree” is a change in chaotic pace, but no less retro. It begins with a series of playful jingles and an almost indescribable unraveling of somewhat lovecraftian — almost metaphysical — sounds. These come curled by the tentacled voices of Monty. There are scribbles of synths and creepy male voices too, until the whole thing transitions into pastoral pastiching, with guitars and orchestrated washes.

It’s as if Prince, in his most translucent, quirky and most adventurous form, met Kate Bush one day in the mid-1980s, perhaps at the Miskatonic University, and they dared to catch the moonlight together before they took a plunge through the arc of the sun…

In other words: this is weird, unconventional, and very exotic.

The new sounds are out next week…


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