Photo of band

AKIVA — Broken Ship

When we last wrote about the Bedfordshire based UK alt-rock band AKIVA we thought they created a goading ping, a cluster of yabbering rhythms and some communicative, businesslike vocals.

photo of band
Spatulas of rhythm…

Now they’ve released “Broken Ship” and it’s about “the importance of consequences for actions,” says singer Dave, “and how quickly things start to fall apart when these get lost ...”

We’ve always believed music should stand for something and carry a message. There’s a lot to shout about in the world today, and we’ve got a lot to say.

This political poetry is explored on the superb new animated video for the song [shared below]. The number grows with changs of guitar and spatulas of rhythm that slice into texture. The vocals are trenchant and unsentimental.

Broken Ship was recorded at Angelic Studios, Oxfordshire and mixed by Jake Gordon and is out now

File alongside: Kasabian


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