Madison Beer Showed Me


New York born, L.A. based MADISON BEER, aged 23, has stated that her inspirations in her music and songwriting are Lana Del Rey, Daft Punk, Melanie Martinez, and Ariana Grande. The singer began her career posting YouTube video covers in early 2012. 

Beer signed with Epic Records, who later released her debut pop and R&B influenced studio album, Life Support in 2021 (co-wrote and co-produced by the artist).

This week she released ‘Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You) which shows Madison regaining control over a playboy with outfits by Laquan Smith, Balenciaga, and Tom Ford’s Gucci. The song (and the visuals, music video shared below) solidify her position and ability as a musician who is broadening her sound horizons and personifying her artistic vision.

Madison Beer Showed Me

“Writing and making the video for ‘Showed Me’ was a really unique experience,” explains Madison. 

“This song samples The Turtles ‘You Showed Me.’ I’ve never used sampling or interpolation on a song before, but I’m always looking for new ways to experiment in the studio and pay homage to the classic sounds and melodies I loved growing up. This song is the perfect culmination of those things.”

Showed Me is a vibrational song about pain — dealing with pain — whilst at the same time bringing raw resilience. So it isn’t about frailty: it’s about facing & dealing with emotional ripples. Stylistically, it’s not quite sadcore, because there’s always a paillette of hope in every shimmery nuance, so instead it’s ultraluminous and sweeping (like early Lana Del Rey) with a smoky topaz voice and comprehensively tense accompaniment. Transfiguring!

Out now:

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