Young Guns Shift Them Heavy ‘Bones’ – Album Review

Over the course of the past few years, the London-based rock outfit YOUNG GUNS have emerged as one of the UK’s most electrifying new bands, garnering heavy radio play and UK chart success, while playing to packed-house crowds all across Europe, including a main stage performance at the Reading Festival, where they tore up the stage as part of a line-up that included Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age and Guns N’ Roses.

Now new album BONES has already achieved critical acclaim, with Q Magazine and Kerrang! each giving it four stars.  BONES and its title track were also nominated for “Best Album” and “Best Single” as part of this year’s 2012 Kerrang! Awards.

The album kicks in with a monstrous anthem  ‘I Was Born, I Have Lived , I Will Surely Die’.  Stylized timpani style drumming and profusions of illustriously harmonic & intense guitars create loftily dynamic dimensions in this all-enveloping sizzler. What a way to start this hearty disc off!

Then ‘Dearly Departed’ soars into the night sky like a phoenix rising. Chiming, crystal-cut notes flicker in the heavy breezes. But it is those sumptuous vocals that will greet you in the morn’ with a smile. Warming and somehow comforting. This is like good a cry at a funeral. You’ll need it, to clear your head.  And to rest your mind.

Title track ‘Bones’ is seated in its rightful place – the centre-piece of this epic album – it is one of the best damn rock songs you’ll hear this summer. The frost-hard, shivering textures betray a deeply soulful introspection.  As a gritted and determined riff rumbles along underneath that grand and eloquently elegant arrangement, the chorus soon has you sighing and swooning like a youngster in love.  This is like a blessed prayer answered.

‘Brother in Arms’ is altogether more exuberant and pugnacious. This song chugs along manfully, perhaps reminding you of work by “The Boss”-  Springsteen. A cut above the others on the rock block, it’s a heavy-duty concrete and sand song,  stained with sweat from the brow of the working man. But Gustav’s vocals still soar and arc – flying high into those searing furnaces of sunlight. Immense.

‘Learn My Lesson’ has a fearfully  pounding beat and a driving, surging power that will wring out every ounce of energy that you thought you once possessed. Crisply crunchy guitars are layered seamlessly by Fraser and John-  building muscular and sizable bursts of energetic light. Choice.

Check out Young Guns on this Friday’s main stage ar REDFEST Robins Cook Farm, Redhill, Surrey

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –


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