The Bronze Medal EP

Shy Bristol based alt-rock quartet ‘The Bronze Medal’ are cast as minimalist ‘Slow Burn’ musicians. But their music is charming, quaint and seductive – as Neil Mach found out when he heard the debut EP ‘The Bronze Medal’ – OUT NOW – and available on iTunes.

‘Furrows’ sounds like an interpretation of a monophonic Gregorian chant to begin with, rubbed gently and spicily with simple lines of sound, and adorned with the rustle and sparkle of delicate drum work. The tenderness of the vocals is perfectly and gently placed. Exquisitely beautiful harmonies create a lightly-coloured tissue of softly blossoming mesh. Enchanting.

‘Womb’ takes its first faltering steps towards a powdery gossamer light. This is a gentle hymn of love. The rhythms move forward with caution, as if treading carefully through the cracks of strident chords and each step creates a grated latticework of light, yet undeniable, beauty.

‘No Hospitals’ takes a golden hoop of sound and creates a thinly complicated, but satisfactory, structure inside. Located within the flimsy framework is a sleepy rhythm and occasional glimpses of bird-like cries. A smoking crucible of sound is gradually heated, allowing the vaporous tones inside to burn and filter through. Wisp like waves of the most precious notes gradually drift from the openings – perforated by the sharpness of guitar.

‘Show Me Land’ has a folky rustle. This song moves like a porch swing. It gently rocks to-and-fro. It glistens with tiny icicles of prickly guitar. But the song soon starts to form into something altogether larger – and the build up is a huge and powerful joy- as a circle of blissful sounds and repeating emblems gently form to create something simply astonishing.

See the band perform at Redfest 2012 on Sunday at 12.30 – at the Main Stage.

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –


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