Fingertips – Lewis Mokler

Lewis Mokler started his musical career busking around the Newmarket area before being scouted in 2011.

Within six months he had released three EP’s and started work on his debut album, ‘Fingertips.’

Lewis continues to work extremely hard, gigging and touring, notching up almost 100 gigs last year, as well as playing many dates back-to-back over the last few months. He has a dedicated fan base, his ‘Hot Moklate’ who tend to follow him wherever he goes.

We took a listen to ‘Fingertips’ and here’s what we thought:

‘Love Recipe’ starts this illustrious album off. Bass notes comb the surface of the arrangement, as the words hesitantly stumble out.  Those trademark incandescent vocals seem to shine in the dark.

Title track ‘Fingertips’ has an upbeat melody. The vocals bubble and burst, punted hither and thither across the rippling  notes. Suitably placed electric guitar pieces glisten, as the drums purr along, all aspects of this song are perfectly fused together. And the tender chorus ‘Fingertips to fingertips’ will make you smile. Smile inside. This song will almost certainly remind you of the work of Ed Sheeran.

‘On The Run’ sounds cheeky to start with – even though the chord structure has a downward spiral towards lament. The accent has a certain working man’s glory about it. Passionate violin ( Sam Hale – The Catwalkers) creates charm and wistful sophistication to this yearning tale.

Jingled busking song ‘Buses’ starts with a grumble about waiting 45 minutes for the bus ‘to come around the bend.’ This is a song that delights us with images kindly taken from a journey (on  a bus ) or through life. We have all had glimpses- without wishing for them-  into other people’s lives. Often these glimpses occur while waiting for a bus or travelling with stangers on the transport system. And this concept is explored perceptively here.

‘This Time Next Year’  features rapper/singer ‘Azubuike’ and reaffirms the feelings and wishes of their many fans … when will these two begin to be recognized as high-flying musical achievers?  Well maybe “This time Next year”. Mokler’s vocals sympathetically twine around Azubuike’s tell-it-like-it-is rap. A feelgood song brimming with anticipation.

‘Nutella’ oozes sexy sentiment from its pores. Gently swaying rhythms and sumptuous guitar tones add warmth and fulsome heartiness.  The poetic lyrics dance tenderly, recalling the best moments you ever had.

See Lewis Mokler Friday 20th July on the Acoustic Stage at Redfest.

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –


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