Portia Conn – Runaway – Video

Emerging pop artist Portia Conn  is just 19 year old and she has already featured on Deaf Havana’s ‘Little White Lies’ track. (vocals.) Her debut single ‘Runaway’ is out on 29 July.  She plays the REDFEST Acoustic Stage on Friday 20th July at 6:30pm.

We checked out ‘Runaway’ and this is what we thought:

Looking for answers – and not wasting time … That’s what this song is all about.

It’s about action – about grabbing things when you can. Maybe grabbing your bags and leaving too – because sometimes you really have got to just go. Get away and start again. That feeling of stifled resentment is clear. But there is also hope and expectation in this song, gloriously revealed within those cheering and abundantly clean notes. The echoing motifs that sheath the verse remind the listener of the contemplative nature of this singer, and that her carefully considered words are testament to an active mind.

Meanwhile, the voice of Portia is chocolatey smooth and totally irresistible. The voice foams when necessary, but when you need retrospection, Portia can deliver enough courage and determination in her words to indicate active deliberation and a stirring willpower.

Delectable.  Go seek …

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –





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