Clare Free

CLARE FREE — Where Are You Now?

The excellent guitarist and blues / rock vocalist from Ipswich, England CLARE FREE has announced a new single titled: “Where Are You Now?” (the title track from her new album) — out 21st February 2020.

Having taken a break from recording to raise her youngest child, Where Are You Now? is Clare’s first release since her acclaimed and sumptuous mood-filled 2012 album, “Dust And Bones”.

Clare Free Where Are You Now?
Where Are You Now? It’s reminiscent of ZZ Top with sandpapery scuzz all over it…

The production team behind the new release reads like a who’s who in the modern music industry: the album was produced by Richard Flack (Robbie Williams), engineered & co-produced by Bob Kidby (Jesse Quin), and mastered by Frank Arkwright (who mixed Rory Gallagher’s Check Shirt Wizard.)

Clare explains, “I went for lunch at the Old Jet Arts hub which is run by Jesse Quin of Keane.  While I was there, I met the massively acclaimed music producer Richard Flack…”

We got chatting and I mentioned to Richard that I wanted to record a new album.  When I spoke to him a couple of weeks later, he said he would be interested in producing and mixing it as long as we worked well together, and he invited me into the studio to do a trial song to see how we got on.”

The test track went well, and we all enjoyed working together, so Richard said, if I could fit in the recording in the days he had between flying back and forth to LA etc we could do it.  I jumped at the chance and what an opportunity it was!  Working on the album with Richard was fantastic, and Bob’s (Bob Kidby, Barn Studios) engineering skills are second to none.  They got the absolute best out of me.”

Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road did the mastering for me and wow, the album sounds absolutely amazing. I am so, so proud of it.”

The single has a boogie clumpy-fuzz to it… and a vintage feel that’s stuck in the Piledriver era 1972. It’s also very reminiscent of ZZ Top with sandpapery scuzz all over it and some resiny, barky vocals that sound steeped in hickory nut and sourmash firewater.

This is woop-woop spirituous…

File alongside: Rocky Hill


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