Supernew melodic power-metal battlewagon  FALLEN SANCTUARY featuring Georg Neuhauser (of former band Serenity, where the confusement might arise) and the Temperance guitarist Marco Pastorino, have announced the release their first full-length album, titled Terranova, via AFM Records. After the previously-released, epic first single “Broken Dreams” they now release their title track: Terranova!

A breathless-fast frenzy […] spinning into intergalactic hypervelocity—

Raw Ramp Music Mag

Marco explains “Terranova was one of the first tracks we wrote for our debut album and we immediately agreed – this is melodic metal like we love it…

Vocalist Georg agrees: “I really love Terranova – fast, melodic and with dramatic lyrics about drug addiction. It simply reminds me of one of my favourite albums: “Silence” by Sonata Arctica.”
Neuhauser + Pastorino became friends in 2018 during a joint tour and soon realised that they pretty much share musical idols and tastes.

Fallen Sanctuary Terranova album cover

Neuhauser reveals: “Marco and I often got talking at night on the tour bus to the next show with Serenity and Temperance. It was amazing that we have so many favourite bands in common.

And since we also get along really well on a personal level and live only a four-hour drive apart, we came up with the idea of releasing an album together some day.

 FALLEN SANCTUARY also features permanent drummer Alfonso Mocerino and bassist Gabriele Gozzi.

Terranova is a breathless, fast frenzy flagration of rapid guitars, hyperkinetic rhythms and a reflex-arc of earth-shaking vocals that are mighty enough to uproot the tree of life and send it spinning into intergalactic hypervelocity. Supersubstantial!

More info here: https://www.afm-records.de/en/

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