Here Are Seven Bands that Will Replace FLEETWOOD MAC

These Bands Will Replace Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are one of the most successful bands in the world.

We all know that Heroes are Hard to Find… So who will replace them when they are gone?

Fleetwood Mac are profitable: Selling 100 million records worldwide. They are enduring: They formed in 1967 yet they are still on tour in 2015 and are said to be (even now) working on a new album.


Lindsey Buckingham has suggested that their On With The Show project is a final tour. And the album they are working on will be their last recorded work…

So who will succeed them?

Here we look at the seven new rock bands that will replace Fleetwood Mac.

We focused our research on acts that have the same kind of core values and substance.

The bands we have chosen are blues-inspired, with female vocalists, deft guitar-work and brilliant rhythm sections.

They all achieve excellence in their song-writing and consistently intelligent musicality.

It’s our hypothesis that these musicians will go on to achieve greater things…

Will they stick around for another 48 years? Well that’s another matter. Will they sell millions of records? Well, that is down to you and I… We need to buy into their sounds.

But, we think, these bands have the best chance of securing for themselves a profitable future.

They all possess the talent, ability and vitality to go on to replace Fleetwood Mac.

My Love Is Cool
My Love Is Cool

1: Wolf Alice

Fleetwood Mac transformed themselves from a successful British electric blues band (playing interpretations of the Chicago Blues) to a pop band that achieved integrated commercial triumph by playing catchy but clever pop-rock hits to stadium audiences. Wolf Alice have evolved in a similar way.

Wolf Alice is a London based four-piece consisting of Ellie Rowsell (vocals, guitar), with Joff Oddie (on guitars, vocals), Theo Ellis (bass), and Joel Amey (drums).

They formed in 2010, and evolved from folk-orientated pop to become rockier and more sophisticated… An alt-rock outfit that is reminiscent of Britpop band Elastica. You can now expect, for example, huge guitars, yearning vocals and timeless compositions.

Bros” from Wolf Alice’s debut album, ‘My Love Is Cool’ has clapping drums a la Tusk, heartfelt lyrics that will really make you think (they will probably make you sob too) and small pin-pricks of light guitar that tend to flutter around the lightness of the vocal, before entering deep into your heart.


You Owe Nothing
You Owe Nothing

2: Kill It Kid

We have been following the British Blues/Americana quartet Kill It Kid since their Bath University days.

Back then they were a folk-rock ensemble (with banjo sounds and fiddle) but now they have developed into a fully-fledged grungy blues-rock outfit that sound as ramshackle as they are gritty.

Blood Stop And Run’ from their recent album ‘You Owe Nothing’ has large sheets of guitar, growling bass-notes — and a supreme lead voice from Steph (one of two vocalists, like the Nicks/Buckingham front) – which seems to froth like a cauldron of blood soup and maggotty decay.

But if you think are too timid for all this, don’t worry… Those voices can also be poetic and superbly poignant. They will pull at your senses and will have you muttering to yourself.  And the drama created by front-man Chris… Well, it is,  quite simply, stunning.


Blues Pills
Blues Pills

3: Blues Pills

Imagine a band that sounds like a cross between Fleetwood Mac, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jefferson Starship (sans keyboards) and Wishbone Ash – and you have the Blues Pills.

Their lead singer (Elin Larsson) could reasonably be compared with Janis Joplin or Tina Turner. YES! She’s that good!

Blues Pills are a Swedish band, formed in 2011

The guitar-work on their recent  disc reminded us of Martin Barre (guitarist for Jethro Tull) – slightly free in style – slightly psychedelic – and so hot and spicy that it burns the skin. And ‘Astraplane’ from the self-titled album is sure to remind you of the very earliest days of Fleetwood Mac.

Mick Fleetwood is famous for his simple rhythmic structure and the highly constructive style of play that helped the guitars re-balance themselves when they seemed lost.  And, similarly, on the Blues Pills slower songs, like ‘Little Sun’ for example (with its incredibly hypnotic drum-work reminding us of Mick Fleetwood) the percussion creates tiffany-like mounts for those incredible vocals to nest upon.

No Sinner rect
Boo Hoo Hoo


4: No Sinner

The Vancouver (Canada) blues-rock trio No Sinner centres around 25-year-old singer Colleen Rennison.

She is a modern-day blues shouter and the aspiring New Queen of Soul.

No doubt, like her influences, Nina Simone, Tina Turner and Bessie Smith, she is also a hard-singing, hard-loving and hard-drinking woman.

Her vocal skills and energetic delivery are reason enough to love this band.

The No Sinner number “Boo Hoo Hoo” is now almost four years old — but it still gives us a deep tremble inside our bones.

That voice is full of fortitude and cunning — so much so that you soon forget that this is a song about loss and recovery. Jangly guitars help to motivate the piece forwards. And that highly smoked voice gives constant hope.

Or try ‘Devil On My Back’ with its high ‘n’ riffing guitar, coherent and solid drummery courtesy of Ian Browne (which, we think, you will find very reminiscent of Fleetwood) and its constant power.

If you liked the blues-based rock ‘n’ roll of yore, and you miss the high energy from roots rock bands like Creedence — then we strongly advise you to take a listen to this.


Kiziah and The Kings
Kiziah and The Kings

5: Kiziah and The Kings

Take a healthy and athletic new band, with an authentic Reggae/Nu-Soul/Blues outlook, whose songs are played with unique vigour and appealing lushness, push them into a recording studio and see what comes out. The result is the very fine Kiziah and The Kings.

This Doncaster (UK) band is formed around the fresh (yet intense) vocals of Kiziah Ann Watson and their ‘Baby Don’t Go’ is the recording you should go to first if you want to check them out.

Currently they are working hard on a new EP — but meantime we have been listening to the soft-rock and soul-inspired wonder that is ‘Fix Me’ with sweet vocals (reminiscent of Christine McVie) and some spectcular drum-work that is beautifully bonded onto the spindles of sparkling guitar.

Oh yes, we love Kizz!



Black State Highway
Black State Highway

6: Black State Highway

Rockers Black State Highway are slightly heavier than the others in this list.

But why not? After all, Fleetwood Mac were mighty heavy in their Peter Green days too.

This Brighton (UK) outfit plays with their feet firmly on the ground, boots caked in mud, denims worn and dirty. And sweat on the brow. Their brand is hard-working blues-rock.

They admit to being heavily influenced by the old school rock bands of the 1970’s (especially Led Zeppelin) — so it is clear that their consistent riffs will always find an appreciative audience.

We love the band because they feel so authentic. And Liva Steinberga (vocalist) has that sexy/warbling patchy ashiness that reminds us, so much, of Stevie Nicks at her best.

Check last year’s ‘Ain’t Got No’ with those chunky riffs, reliably thumping drums and that intense voice. And you’ll see what we mean.


Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush

7: Adrenaline Rush

Imagine Mötley Crüe with a singer who sounds a lot like Stevie Nicks.

Adrenaline Rush are a five-piece rock band from Sweden. Led by female singer Tåve Wanning, they play melodic hard-rock with a blues twist. And their compositions are so wonderfully appealing that it’s hard not to become immediately smitten.

If you are a fan of big-hair 80’s metal then this is for you. And if you want to see how far a band can take the music of that genre, then you should plug yourself in for an Adrenaline Rush right now.

Their self-titled debut album is out now. Yes, it is shabby. And, yes, it’s sleazy.

But it reminds us of Fleetwood Mac so much… Because this band have such an earthy rock ‘n’ roll attitude and their melodic song-structures are so clever and so pleasurable.

Check the Erik Mårtensson number ‘Too Young To Die’ to see what we mean. There is much more to these compositions that simply pounding out the same-old riffs or synthesizing audio-structures on a computer. No, this is the real thing. And Adrenaline Rush are built to last. Check them out.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Missed any bands out? Don’t agree? Then let us know @rawrampmag

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