Precious Memories of Beth Thornley’s Septagon

Beth Thornley, the Birmingham (Alabama) born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter writes contemplative pop with an engaging warmth and winsome sense of melody.

Beth Thornley shortBeth’s new EP ‘Septagon’ will be released on April 8 and will be available at all the usual digital outlet stores.

We had an early listen:

Say That You Will’ is a tottering salt-lick of a track – the vocal can be sumptuous and warm, but the words are slightly acetic.

It Could Be’ is a sugary as candied peel and recalls the sounds of the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’- the golden voice is sweet and the accompanying pip-pip beat is as happy as a hopping Blue Jay.

Last To Fall’ (feat. Glen Phillips) is gloriously tinted track full of lusty lipstick gloss. With dark undertones and a hidden passion. Then ‘All These Things’ unfolds from the speakers like a fern frond. This song uncurls as it grows in your heart. The percussion is powerful and roomy – and clutches the soft tinkling voice to its shaggy chest. This is the most powerful song on the disc.

Septagon” contains some skillfully crafted – emotionally wry – songs. They have a whiff of nostalgia about them. Like opening the leaves of an old but valuable book. The fragrances will waft out – bringing back precious memories.

— @neilmach © 2014 —


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