Shadows Chasing Ghosts Complete Their Lessons – Album Review

Since their origins in 2008, London band  ‘Shadows Chasing Ghosts’ have been plotting a revolution. Their mix of razor sharp guitar work and anthemic melodies has seen them attracting more and more devotees.

SCG has embraced the true DIY work ethic, and achieved an amazing amount in just four short years. They have got in the van and lived on the road, working on numerous lengthy UK & European tours and even a run of Australian dates.  They have played headline shows to sold out venues up and down the UK, and have played with the likes of  Glamour Of The Kill , Polar and Bury Tomorrow.

They have just released their album ‘Lessons’.   Here’s what we thought:

The startling inception to the album ‘Lessons’ is the stunning track  ‘Splinter’ with those zig-zagging guitars and a fiery crucible of heat that is the vocal mix.  A bass guitar gestures rudely at you from the background – but it is those fanfaring vocals – bursting out of the machine to smash you in the face – that you will remember.

‘Now or Never’  has a gloriously spirited chorus. Supremely constructed riffs harness the resplendent voice to the whole contraption – and then it flies. The drumming (from Danny) is way beyond your wildest expectations – leaving you breathless and panting. This is one hellishly addictive ride!

‘Rest Easy’ is furnished with appealing vocals and brims with effusions of total, ear-damaging, power.  This song thrives on the beating beast-heart at it’s core. You will quake. And you will shiver. But you will also dance and shout your love. Oh yes.

Monster track ‘Again and Again’ is a masterpiece of musical engineering. Fiendish guitars scrabble to try to cling on to the furious percussive elements within this exemplary piece. Those enlightened harmonies offer some peace –  when reached, they are plateaus of peace and calm – but the rampage soon begins again, descending into a swirling hellish soup raging angrily below.

Title track ‘Lessons’ is an adventuresome trek across a fairly churned up landscape. The trademark and superbly melodic vocals are always nearby- but now an elongated zithering guitar snakes in and out of the ruts, causing some consternation.

‘The Lighthouse’ is a quiet thing. Arrangements are glossy and the voice of Trey rises like an eagle in the wind. A sluggish bass rumbles along agreeably. When the sensational chorus comes in – resplendent with shining and painfully beautiful guitars – you will sigh with a deep satisfaction. Possibly one for the girls- and so you can get your breath back.

‘The Winter’ is another amazing epic. A rich abundance of flowing guitars and quirky vocals create harmonic waves of majesty and glory. Heroic.

Shadows Chasing Ghosts headline the GOZIBE introducing Stage at REDFEST  at 9pm on Friday 20th JULY.  Make sure you check them out.

– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –


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