Modestep – Show Me A Sign (Official Video)

Almost a hymn – this is a quintessential choral piece with classical orchestral textures and bright impassioned flavours. Torn and tattered bell synths twist around the central shaft of that organically pure  “Someone Rise a Light Up….”  chorus.  But it takes two or three listens to realise that there is a misfit of ideals here… Raising a light up seems so gentle and sacred to us – we put up our hands in supplication at festivals.  But “Putting Your Lights Up” is also an invitation to fight.  So what is it?  To praise or to fight?  Someone please Show Me A Sign

As it happens, in this song,  the flexing bass-wavers of doom tend not to be so far away, even  if they are kept tentatively at bay by those sacred chants.

Then the trembling and crinkling rustle of crispy baked rhythms tug at your boot-straps and get those feet a-dancing … And, oh boy. You get it

Yes, good will prevail.


– © Neil_Mach July 2012 –

Check out MODESTEP at REDFEST Robins Cook Farm Redhill Surrey Headlining FRIDAY



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