Written, recorded, and produced entirely in their Brighton bedrooms, KUDU BLUE [Tom, Owen, Clementine & Creeda] compound various influences into their debut EP “Shaded” to produce a piece of work that’s intoxicatingly original yet sounds traditional.

Kudu Blue – nuanced beads of anger…

Take for example the single “Enemy” that’s broadly about a heated give-and-take Clem once experienced. “She’d come out of a bumpy patch and was ready to live a new way and just enjoy things…” the band said, “Sometimes the people around you find it hard to accept when you’ve made a purposeful change in your life.”

Clem explained: “It was a desperate state of pleading with someone who’s being really stubborn and doesn’t want to hear it...”

Talking about on the band’s recording process, singer Clem said: “I’m so proud of the sound we achieve working out of our bedrooms with the computers freezing and noise complaints ha — I record all the vocals singing into my wardrobe with pillows shoved in to it to try deaden the sound.”

Not only do Kudu Blue create interesting and provocative sonic landscapes with their songwriting, they also have the natural ability to deliver their songcraft live.

The next headline show is at London’s Camden Assembly on May 3rd with Albert Gold and Hot Dreams. The band can also be seen at The Great Escape Festival and this year’s Dot To Dot.

The ‘Shaded’ EP is out now.

We listened to new single, “Enemy” —

The languid vowels float upon undulations of echo that appear like blurs of film on oily crests of water. This song is as soulful as you want… it sinks deep into your roots…

It’s an ultra-slow avant-R&B number with nuanced beads of anger, numbness and increasing vacancy. Simply, this is magisterial …

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/kudublue

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