MIKE ROSS — The Loser

The incredibly creative multi-instrumentalist and assiduous re-worker of American roots ‘n’ blues sounds, Englishman MIKE ROSS has released the first single to be taken from his forthcoming genre-straddling ten-track solo LP: ‘The Clovis Limit Pt.2’  titled ‘The Loser’.

The Loser by Mike Ross
The Loser by Mike Ross evolves into a brilliant wonder, complete with marvelous harmonies…

The Loser is a song about never giving up,” — he says.

Composed in a single, sit-down session on a day off while touring Europe, the lyric was written to inspire listeners who feels alone or defeated.  It’s a call to action: a rallying cry for the lonely and disaffected; a balm for the soul, for those who are reeling from the hurt caused when slamming against a hard, unyielding reality.  A sentiment that is particularly apt in these times of great uncertainty and anxiety.

The song begins with tenderhearted, modest and pleasant strumming on the acoustic guitar and an amiable set of keys. The vocal is offered country-style and the mood is woodshed blues…

The temperament soon picks up, though, to offer a blossoming of lambent guitarwork and a sense of optimism that radiates through the lyrics. As the number evolves, it becomes a brilliant wonder, complete with marvelous harmonies and packed with ingenious musicality. Quite extraordinary!

File alongside: Burrito Deluxe, Vince Gill

Link: https://www.facebook.com/themikerossband

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