Since forming in early 2010, South-East London rock band ADELAIDE hit the ground running and haven’t look back since.  Their second EP “We Came Here To Win” is due for release this year, 2012 – so the future is looking bright for these London lads. They have just released a superb new video “CLOSURE”  – and we took a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Scintillating, slivering eels of pain twine out from the grotesque mouth that is created by a welter of conflicting emotions. This song has the proportions of dark and light in equal measure. A low and extraordinarily flexible bass rubs shoulders with a storm of light guitars. The pace feels vaguely threatening, but the chorus is light and bright. Highly wrought vocals splay out, as the beat emblazons the mood throughout the song, enwrapping the sense of closure once and for all.
© Neil_Mach January 2012

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