Cuushe – Do You Know The Way To Sleep (Slow Magic Remix)

After three years of silence since the release of her captivating debut album ‘Red Rocket Telepathy’, contemporary Japanese dream-pop singer, Cuushe is back with a gorgeous new set of breath-taking materials.

In this masterfully produced new EP, entitled Girl / You Know That I am Here / But the Dream , the multi-talented Cuushe once again carefully crafted 3 songs that were sonically constructed to illustrate beautiful dreamscapes with her feathery voices, floating electronic sounds, and heart-melting dream pop melodies.

In this beautiful collection of dream-pop songs, Cuushe uses her voices as the main instrument to wrap those exquisite synthesizer sounds, elegant strokes of piano and edgy guitar chords, and float them altogether into the air, with layers of vocals and reverb of noises. This amazing soundscape will euphorically transport you to the other side of the never ending dream, where you always wanted to be.

We took a listen to Cuushe’s – Do You Know The Way To Sleep (Slow Magic Remix) and here’s what we thought:

Difficult breathing, and a click in the throat. Thus it begins. The subtle heart falters and stutters alone,  and then a little tic-tac of powdery piano keys chung monolithically into view.

An ethereal and gentle voice wafts softly from the cloudy veins – and wavers trembling to the ground. The a bumpier bass-beat noses it’s way in and the chords become grander and more lavishly applied.

A thumpier drum gains some courage and then -at last- the rattier and shakier sounds loom into view and your release can begin.

Earnest, tight and hard. This piece grows organically, and ends in gentle flutters.

– © Neil_Mach August 2012 –


you can download the remix on bandcamp!

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