Laurence Made Me Cry Single Review

Laurence Made Me Cry is the persona of Cardiff based lo-fi folk/electronica songstress, artist and multi-instrumentalist Jo Whitby.  With her debut EP being released back in 2011, Jo Whitby soon decided that she wanted to record an album and thus ‘The Diary Of Me’ was born.

There’s an odd familiarity about the sounds of ‘Laurence Made Me Cry.’ Her songs bring with them a sense of timelessness and warmth like meeting up with an old friend. Whitby uses folk and rock roots combined with electronic and organic sounds, to create a myriad of landscapes and images for the imagination of listeners to delve into.

Laurence Made Me Cry is about to release her debut record ‘The Diary of Me’, an album exploring the dialogue we all have with our individual inner voice, with various collaborators in and outside the UK. The songs on the album will act as a series of snapshots of days, experiences and thoughts-  in a similar way that a written diary would.

‘Me’, the main character in this project, is every one of us. It represents a personal side that may or may not feel awkward, appropriate, confident, secretive –and may reveal our innermost core, the place where we search and to find ourselves.

‘The Diary of Me’ will be released on March 11th 2013.

4pg Digipack

The first track to be released from Laurence Made Me Cry’s debut album ‘The Diary Of Me’ is  ‘Between Destinations’.

You can pre-order the album here at:

We had a listen to ‘Between Destinations‘ (Radio Edit) , and here’s what we thought:

This song is a bundle of brittle sticks and thick rope – wrapped in muslin and folded into a pocket, to be kept safe for later. Small fragments of gritty sound, with slices of citric voice, are spliced against drawling announcements realized over a station loudspeaker. As the listener, you travel in tow.  Taking a wander through a physical pedestrian life, and also  more magical flights on imaginary planes. It is all ably illustrated and described with true grace. -© Neil_Mach January 2013


Laurence Made Me Cry

Free download of ‘Between Destinations’ out 14th Jan 2013. The first single from her debut album ‘Diary Of Me’

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