THE CLAW Debut Single ‘Seize Decay’

Formed initially as an instrumental power trio, The Claw expanded first with the addition of singer Maximilian and subsequently to a full six-piece progressive psychedelic outfit,  to recreate their recordings live.

‘Seize Decay’ is the first offering from these sessions, a swampy, riff-driven and melodic slice of hard rock,  with an eye for Rush’s slanted time signatures. It will also feature on their forthcoming full-length album, set for release in 2013.

Their exact identities remain disguised with the use of masks at their upcoming shows, for the moment at least. The single comes backed with an extra song, ‘Undoing Wrong’. UK and European dates are be announced soon.

We had a listen to ‘Seize Decay’ set for release on 4th March. Here’s what we thought:

The song is a crawling jumble of addled soups and tangled rhythms. They seep like fats,  into a boiling vat of inky vibes and spattered crackles.  Imagine trying to understannd “I Am the Walrus”  as viewed through the sludgy remains found at the bottom of last night’s stout glass, to get an idea.

Bass – from Hollowteeth – growls and gurgles . Drums from –  Jules De Grandin –  glisten like gumdrops on the crust.  And all the while, those vocals  – from Maximilian  – slide sympathetically in-and-out, like soapy fingers combed through crusty hair.

-© Neil_Mach January 2013 –


The band make their inaugural live appearance on Saturday 23rd February, Upstairs At The Garage for a special launch party, with support from Underground Railroad and Trieste.

Check the video here:

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