EVVY Collides

Evvy is a new independent artist from New York –  produced by Mickey Valen –  who recently collaborated with Chris Wallitsch to form the production duo ‘Valen Mickey & The King’.

Evvy recently charged onto the scene with her debut single ‘Haze’- a smoky ode about confusion in love.

EVVY’s newest single, “Collide” is a summery anthem.

The song is full of driving percussion and soaring synths.

Collide” was written and produced by Mickey Valen and The King, along with EVVY and singer-songwriter Lyon Hart known for his evocative lyrics and pop focused melodies.

Photo by Corinne Noodles Photography
Photo by Corinne Noodles Photography

We had a listen:

This song seagulls in – swooping low in a silvery shimmer.

The pounding beat is softened by a nerve-net of rattling beach-pebbles…

And a fan of sugar-pin pops.

These are scattered liberally around the landscape.

The voice is fresh and white-crowned. Honourable and peaceful.

It rises like a dove in the light.

The chorus will fly within you. It will create an airglow inside your heart.

This has a timeless quality.  A clear and pristine slice of pop heaven.

@neilmach © 2014




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