KILL IT KID — Owe Nothing

We have been listening to our favourite band’s new album. And my-oh-my do we love it!

British quartet Kill It Kid has released their new album You Owe Nothing:

Opening track ‘Black It Out’ has a bruising bass and a mud-fest of infusing guitar. But it is those sputtering bursts of ruby red loganberry vocal that will focus your attention. They possess incredible psychic energy.

High Class’ is sufficiently sluggish. And more ‘Jack White’ in stature than other tracks on this astonishing disc. It is stripped down elegance. Guitarwork shines. And the beat plods like a bandit – shot in the leg by a law-man.

Kill It Kid - Steph flusters like a Doxy who has lost her escort to another broad...
Kill It Kid – Steph flusters like a Doxy who has lost her escort to another broad…

Sick Case Of Loving You’ has some fancy keyboard trills provided by Stephanie. And the whole piece flusters like a doxy who has lost her escort to another broad.

Vocals from Steph are are vehement and poignant. And the drama created by Chris is as powerful as ever.

Top marks to Marc too … for some rattling good drums.

KiK are the only group that can make the sound of lovin’ seem as dangerous as an artillery barrage on the Western Front.

Caroline’ is their chance to bring us something that makes Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes sound like two insipid teenagers who have lost their sense of passion.

Yes, it’s fairly standard fare. A bar-room ballad. It contains the album title in the lyric: “You owe nothing … but to care.

But the zeal and devotion passes through this track like blood through a honeycomb. No wonder it is the first video from the album!

We thought that Kill It Kid was a folk-rock band at first (way back in their Bath days.) The fiddle and banjo are well gone…

Then we realized that they were a blues-rock outfit.   But now they are heavier than a slab of cemetery stone.  Now they’re a Grunge-Rock band.

So ‘Blood Stop And Run’ doesn’t surprise us at all. Vast sheets of guitar, growling bass-notes – and the voice of Steph- which  is like a frothing cauldron of blood soup and maggotty decay.

We find more spirited-possession with ‘Hurts To Be Loved By You’ – experiencing this is like watching the gunk from your lava-lamp bubbling out to penetrate into your heart – it burns like a deadly venom.

The pouty voice and the torrid rhythms are so lame-hot and so lethargically caustic, that we sincerely suggest you lay down to listen to this track.

This whole album is a lesson on how painful love can be. About the passions that torment and gnaw into us.

Kill it Kid teaches us that desire is like a stormy sea – it is always wearing us down. Until, all that remains, is pain.

There is a dark energy flowing right through the heart of this album.

The roasting tongues will fry your brains with their heated passions. And the flailing drum-dances and the careening guitars all add to the drama and biochemistry.

This is the best blues-rock we’ve heard for a long time…


@neilmach 2014 ©

Image by Darren Black Photography



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