Regal Peaches Blame it on the Weather

Los Angeles sunshine rock group The Regal Peaches have recently issued their wonderfully eccentric and pop-tartish self-titled EP.

The Regal Peaches - Constantly inventive & irresistible melodies...
The Regal Peaches – Constantly inventive & irresistible melodies…

So we had a listen:

Blame It On The Weather” is a carousel of bumpy sounds — the vocals are clap-happy and the rhythm has an addictive plod. This reminded us of early Cockney Rebel.

Chicago Typewriter” has a blue-grasss feel. A speedy race through a sawgrass meadow, perhaps — with banjo thrums and tumbles of drums.

You can almost hear the toots from the locomotive on this track. Yee-Haw!

Funny enough, the tension in an urgent typing-pool in Chicago may well sound something like this.

Shiny Sun” has tinkling guitars that keep up with an itchy beat. Those rivulets of skilful drums and the abundant rinds of happily waffling fizzy guitars make for perfectly crafted sap-rock happiness.

For all-round catchiness, individualized style, highly nectared vocals and some constantly inventive & irresistible melodies … you need look no further…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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