For Cult of Luna Lovers here is Dark Slam Hip-Hop From France that will Chill Your Senses to the Bone

Lurking someplace between dark slam/hip-hop music, post-hardcore textures, spoken word explorations and black metal —  NOVEMBRE — a French organic duo from Limoges and created by Olivier Lacroix (aka L’Amiral D) & Jérémie Noël (aka Le Pendu) — are influenced by Cult of Luna, and live in a permanent hybrid state of dark atmospheres and confusing hip-hop vibes.

Their debut-full length record, mixed by Florent Falconnier and mastered by metalhead producer MOBO at his Conkrete Studio in France — is due soon with three songs available for streaming now on Bandcamp.

Rap spits out cold and emotionless...
Rap spits out cold and emotionless…

We had a listen:

Votre Ami…” is a fuss created by the denizens of hell.

Cymbals echo hollowed, dark cello whines, rapid beats leak like icy water from stalactites, as they drip incessantly onto the crown of your head, whilst the rap (in French) spits out cold and emotionless.

Music Hall” is similarly plagued by a half-beat that’s grotesquely crippled and the kind of darkness you can only really experience when strongly hooded in a room full of strangers and asked to wait for your destiny.

Guitars jangle like bedding springs and the voice is dirtily-naked. Other sounds grow alarmingly, like mushrooms swelling in the dank recesses.

Rec.” Is sad, dark and emotionally draining, with efficiently repeated electro riffs that wave into your heart and chill your senses to the bone.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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