Blood Is Sweeter in New South Wales — GYPSIES & GENTLEMEN Amazing New Single

The Sydney based 5-piece band Gypsies & Gentlemen have been playing their solid rock to Australian crowds since 2010.

This really is a cracking band. Imaginative guitar tones.  Cool melodies. Danceable rhythms.

Blood Is Sweeter - Single - Gypsies and Gentlemen
Blood Is Sweeter – Single – Gypsies and Gentlemen

So we were pleased to hear new single ‘Blood Is Sweeter’ — produced, engineered and mixed by Tim Carr at Studios 301.

Larger-than-life sparkling guitars surf-twang and barrel themselves around the bottom end of the biggest baddest bass-sounds you have heard for a long while…

Mumbling and bumbling like a hung-over Tibetan blue bear woken up early by the postman.

These are huge swathing curtains of guitar — plus a lot of Da-da-da’s.

The main voice [Alex Zucchi] sounds like a sob… Lost in an empty cave.

And the song (almost) culminates with an exhausted guitar yawning its overburdened existence at the very last gasp.

Powerful and anthemic power-pop rock with unflinching, haunted vocals and guitar sounds that seem to be scooped-out husks of something that once was vivid.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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