For Bon Jovi Fans — Spellbinding Excitement from VOODOO VEGAS — Million Volt Hypervirility

Voodoo Vegas are a high energy five-piece British rock band, from the South Coast of England.

Playing across the UK and regularly visiting Europe, they take their influences from many classic and modern rock sounds.

Voodoo Vegas will release their new EP ‘Hypnotise’ this October.

The new EP has four tracks filled with expressive, highly combustible rock ‘n’ roll that will ensure gratification.

The ‘Hypnotise’ EP was produced by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77) and recorded at Los Rosales Residential Studio in Madrid.

Hypnotise - EP - Voodoo Vegas
Hypnotise – EP – Voodoo Vegas

The EP starts with the title track ‘Hypnotise’.

This has a chunky riff and some stunning vocalisation from Lawrence that is just the right side of passionate zeal and seductive swagger.

The cut-and-polish from those solo guitars helps to solder the piece together.

Tied Up’ races in at terrific speed.

The pump dragon vocal is filled with intensity. The superfit drum-work from Jonno propels the the whole piece forwards. This is almost punk in terms of speed and vehemence.

Round and Round’ has ardent bass-work from Ash and some fancy talk-box style guitar.

This is a substantial slab of rock that will remind listeners of a glam metal version of (though, slightly whipped) — Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker.’

The final track is ‘Killing Joke’ which has mystical sparkle.

In the veins of this song run  some deep, dirty chords that will grind into your bones.

The voice rides across these darkening crests. Saddled up high, like a rider crossing the purple sagebrush.

The interlude solo is like a viper rising from dangerous sand. Then the piece collapses. Before another group of frenzied, screaming guitars comes in for the kill.

Killing Joke’ would be a trail of misery. If it were not so damned exciting!

Muscular guitars, detonating drums and fired up vocals. This is million volt hypervirility…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
EP Available October 12th. Pre-order here: Hypnotise – EP – Voodoo Vegas

Hypnotise - EP - Voodoo Vegas
Hypnotise – EP – Voodoo Vegas

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