The Best New Rock Band in Nashville — THE BLOODY NERVE Have No Place To Hide

After a chance encounter and incredible connection at the airport in Nashville, the Texan writer / producer Stacey Blood and the New York singer Laurie Ann Layne ended up experiencing a love story together… One thing led to another and, before they knew it, they had settled in as a couple and started making sweet music.

It seems that the duo are now a fundamental part of the Nashville rock ‘n’ roll scene…

But their journey has been along a winding path that’s not always been easy…

A huge fire ravaged the house of Blood & Layne and destroyed their recording studio, leaving them homeless. The conflagration also delayed album production for months. While all the equipment was lost, fortunately the tracks were saved.

Now they announce the release date of their album — titled “Taste” — on November 6th, 2015 (UK)

Stacey says:

I’m particularly proud of this album because of how difficult it was to make and we did the whole thing ourselves. No labels, no suits telling us what to do. But it’s kind of like natural child birth. Liberating and inspiring, but hurts like a sumbitch. That’s Taste.

bloody nerve
A rock-stomp of excitement…

We listened to ‘Place To Hide’ — the first single from Taste:

Stuffed with wonderful tones and incredible harmonies this has pumped-up boogie rhythms that make you want to bob your head and stomp your socks.

Laurie’s voice is coarser than sand, stickier than glue. It makes us shudder on the inside!

And the whole piece is just one eager rock-stomp of excitement.

As if Maggie Bell had joined the Faces in the mid-seventies (replacing Rod) and the band was inspired to create blues rock with a harder edge… Perhaps like early Aerosmith.

We cannot wait for their album!

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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