For Fans of Destiny’s Child — LOVE NOR MONEY Just Want Your Money

Trashbaby band LOVE NOR MONEY are Bess Cavendish, Anna Tosh and Jayna Cavendish from London (UK) via the East Coast of Suffolk.

They create alternative dance with undressed beats, sensual pop melodies and doodling guitars… developing a homestyle mash of electro-pop glitter.

Following their summer appearances at Glastonbury and T In The Park — the Amazing Radio poll-winners will release their new single next week — titled ‘Money’.

It’s the follow-up to the trio’s enthusiastically received strum’n’bass epic — ‘Shake Me’ and will form part of the group’s debut EP.

Money - Single - Love Nor Money
Money – Single – Love Nor Money

We listened to Money:

This song spirals around a maypole of excitingly chugging & funked-out wacka wacka.

The vocals are sophisticated and lovely.

The promiscuous articulations are gifted. And there is balm and ointment in there too. Among the brightest of sparkles.

Inventive and witty pop rock with smooth R&B vocals and a girl-band mechanism that is so tight and honeyed that it is pure heaven…

Bloodrush guaranteed…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Money – Single – Love Nor Money is out Sep 25th.



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